eXo - CoD4X External Cheat

eXo - External cheat for Call of Duty 4X - Offers Aimbot, ESP, Trigger and a screenshot cleaner.

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eXo - Lifetime at 17.99€

eXo is an external cheat made for Call of Duty 4 X - supporting several features and mainly comes with a screenshot cleaner. eXo offers Aimbot, ESP (wallhack) and a Trigger Bot. Supporting LAN mode as well. Currently supporting CoD4X 21.1 version

Created by UniveX
Release Date over a year ago
Last Update 9 months ago

Product Features

Aim (AimAssist, Aimbot)

  • Works in Fullscreen
  • Editable Fov
  • Editable Smooth
  • Aim Key
  • Toggle Key
  • ViewAngle based, not mouse movement
  • Smooth
  • Both for legit / not so legit purposes

ESP / Wallhack
  • Borderless Mode Required
  • Draws Box
  • Draws Name
  • Draws Distance
  • Draws Traceline
  • Draws Crosshair
  • Stream-Proof
  • Comes with a screenshot cleaner, when screenshot is taken, it will be clean.

Trigger Bot
  • Works in Fullscreen
  • Editable delay
  • Aftershoot setting (keeps shooting when target dies)
  • Lan mode is supported by using customized shortcut, no GUI is visible at that time

eXo receives unique builds as all of our other cheat releases, build is made every 15-20 minutes and is available right away in your user dashboard. Offsets are synchronized with our server, meaning updates are nearly instant.

eXo is also sale capped - meaning there will be only set amount of maximal active users at a time, to reduce chance of being caught.
Screenshot Cleaner - Any screenshot taken will be clean, your game will freeze for about 3-5 seconds and then it will be resumed, overlay is also disabled during this timespan, each screenshot is logged and you'll be informed each time when there was a screenshot attempt.

LAN Mode
eXo can be launched with customized parameters either via your own shortcut or our provided .cmd file to run without any GUI visible, making it possible to be used on LAN parties and wherever else you don't want people to know you are using something to aid you. All you need to do is configure the cheat atleast once so config file is generated and then use this feature later on, as you can't change configuration during LAN Mode active.

Product Requirements

  • .NET Framework 4.6.1
  • Valid account with subscription
  • Internet Connection
  • CoD4X Client (latest version)
  • If planning to use ESP, Windows AERO is needed
  • If planning to use ESP, CoD4X has to be running in borderless mode.

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