NetAuth - .NET Licensing Solution - Key licensing solution that is self hosted.

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NetAuth - Self hosted solution for .NET applications licensing with HWID lock and two-way encrypted communication.

Created by UniveX
Release Date over a year ago
Last Update over a year ago

Product Features

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NetAuth is a simple solution for small to medium sized applications that you need to have licensed, it offers generation of license keys that are bound to HWID. It does not offer any payment gateways, but it has a remote api that you can use to generate a key, therefore you can call this API from your IPN handler and get a key in a response that can be later sent to the user or stored, based on your decision.

NetAuth is made for .NET applications, so both C# and VB.NET are supported, as only requirement is to reference a .dll and call the library. You can customize anything from login form to api workflow.

NetAuth has two way encrypted communication (initial key is used to grab a newly generated key pair for subsequential requests and so on) thus the network traffic is not sent in a plaintext and then not easily emulateable.
NetAuth also works via heartbeats, that means, each X seconds the client sends request to server to verify if the subscription (key) is still valid and if the user was not banned or application disabled, if yes, the application is forced to be closed.
It also offers an online panel, where you can see every online user with their specific info; HWID, IP and Key/Application used, together with online time and the ability to close the program remotely.

The backend is written in PHP and the required version is 7.2+

KEEP IN MIND this is a licensing software, not an obfuscator or assembly protector, this will take care of authentication and tracking of user subscription, but it's up to you to protect your .exe from cracking/modifications. We recommend storing as much stuff on server as possible and obfuscate your assembly.


  • Encrypted Communication
  • Self Hosted - You have 100% control of everything
  • .NET dll that can be used in both C# and VB.Net
  • Heartbeats
  • PHP Panel where you can view every required info
  • Remote API - You can use this to generate keys from your IPN or elsewhere
  • Application / Keys management in web panel
  • Simple, editable client-side code, you can edit GUI and other stuff
  • WinForms, Console, WPF are supported without any additional edits
  • Detailed readme with complete setup.

DEMO: DEMO HERE - Credentials: admin / password
Keep in mind some features like deleting application and others are disabled in demo app.
DEMO Project DOWNLOAD HERE Keep in mind the demo is obfuscated via free version of ConfuserEx, that may lead to false positives from antivirus.

We offer two licenses for this product:
  • Basic - You'll get all files with readme, the rest is on you - installation and setup.
  • Extended - You'll get all files and our support plus we will install this system for you and integrate in your .NET application for you, if needed, only requirement is that you already have a hosting with PHP 7.2+ and MySQL available.

This project is a one time purchase, not a monthly based subscription.
We accept only BTC/ETH for this product, please do not send contact emails/tickets asking if PayPal is possible, it is not possible for this product, thanks for understanding.

Product Requirements

  • .NET Project
  • License
  • Webhosting with PHP atleast 7.4 and MySQL
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