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Thanks for visiting our website. UniveXNet is a coding group offering our releases to public.

Current site is also a marketplace, so multiple developers can use our licensing software and share their products.

We are group of several people developing various products, we started with UniveXNet back in 2012, later we were knew for our League of Legends bots, now we mainly focus on CSGO and other games & products.

Now, we have also made our licensing software available to other developers, meaning you can find other products from other developers on our site.

Our CSGO Releases

We do not offer some excellent rage features in our cheats or anything like that. We focus on legit play. All of our releases are sale capped, means it has fixed amount of people able to purchase per month, so it's not oversold.

All of our cheats are getting unique builds every 15-30 minutes, so it's more secure to use our hacks, as the signature changes quite often. Each user gets his own build several times a day.

All of our hacks are 'External', meaning the game is accessed externally, no injections. This does not mean it's more secure than internal, it's just easier to setup it to stream, etc.

We offer several cheats, mainly for CS:GO. For full list see Products page.

Currently our most used & best rated are Trigger Bot & ESP, both are standalone products. Trigger is undetected since 3 years (Sep 2014 release), ESP is getting close to 3 years aswell (Feb 2015). We also have an external cheat called Vindicator, which offers variety of functions.

We also offer different products, as stated before, we made our licensing software available to other developers, so you may find other products aswell.

Our system accepts PayPal and several crypto-currencies as payment option(s). But, it depends on the owner of product what payment options to accept.

All transactions (including PayPal) are done through CoinPayments, these payments usually take few minutes, unless its awaiting confirmations, that can take longer.


We do not currently offer any free plan or trials, since we are sale capped hack & it would break the purpose of it. We have plenty of reviews on HackForums & ElitePVPers, that should answer any of your questions.

It also depends on the owner of product, try reaching to the owner of the product and ask, if any trial or discount is available.

Usually each product has it's own requirements, but the main requirement is .NET Framework (4.6.1+) installed & internet connection, due to our licensing software.

Usually not, because some releases are sale capped and bound to your HWID (unique computer identifier), but some applications are possible to use from multiple computers.

Cookies / Privacy

Our site uses cookies to ensure smooth experience on your website. We use cookies to store your login (if you use Remember Me), besides that, we do not set any other cookies, besides your session.

If you are not happy with us using cookies, please, leave our website.

Our website saves your session while you are on our website, through that, we only track who you are (in case you registered member). If you are registered, your IP is the only thing we use.

Your IP is never shown to any other users, besides our staff.

UNetAuth (the licensing software that shows when you launch any of our products) uses some necessary information from your computer.

We use:

  • Your HWID (unique computer identifier) - To ensure the account is not shared.
  • Your IP - To ensure the account is not being shared or another session isn't active right now.
  • Your Credentials (these are sent encrypted) - To verify your account before the product usage.
  • Your Windows version - So we can see what OS you are on if the product is not working.
  • Product Crash Logs - If the product crashes are closes unexpectedly for you, a crash log is sent to us, so we can know about the issue.

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