RedditSuite V3 - Reddit Automated [Android Mimic]

RedditSuite - The ultimate automation solution for Reddit.

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RedditSuite - The ultimate tool to automate your reddit experience and to increase your reach with your target audience, now with mimicking of real android requests and scheduling of tasks.

Created by UniveX
Release Date over a year ago
Last Update last Friday

Product Features

RedditSuite - Automation bot for Reddit Tasks as Ease

RedditSuite is All-In-One solution, from account creation, posts creation, comment posting, upvoting/downvoting with queue support, scheduling of posts, RedditSuite is very simple Reddit Bot that will make reddit easier for you.

Android Phone Emulation

RedditSuite has been rewritten to emulate android device, shadowban rates are minimal and functionality improved by a far.

General Information

RedditSuite is fully featured automation tool for Reddit. We are mimicking requests from real android devices. No selenium is ever used, everything is pure API requests. We are automatically generating unique device fingerprint, device_id and RedditClient version for each of your accounts

Thanks to using mobile apis, the requests counts are minimal and also the detection rates are much lower than when doing requests on classic web version of reddit.

  • Account Management with options to Auto Login, automatically tracks account status and their karma and profile picture.
  • Tracks Account Age, NSFW Status & E-Mail verification status
  • Export is available in several custom formats
  • Every account is assigned one static proxy
  • Import your own accounts - we automatically assign an unique android fingerprint and pick proxy one time from imported proxies.
  • Each account is realtime updated, busy accounts are not available to be used with other tasks, before previous task is finished
  • Automatic Shadowban Checker
  • Authorization tokens are refreshed periodically
  • Cookie Management
  • Clear Traces of an Account
  • Realtime session tokens updating per request
  • Cookie storage - cookies are stored, bot does not need to login everytime on startup, unless cookies are expired

Shadowban Remover
  • We will try to remove shadowban via using some common methods
  • Supports both IMAP emails and Temporary mails
  • Does not work with every account, success rate is not 100%
  • Option per account or bulk action
  • Supports even accounts with no email set (usually bought accounts without original email)

This method will not work for flagged accounts or suspended accounts - This means, if you make an account, start spamming and then try to unshadowban it 20 minutes later, it will not work.
Account Creation
  • Rate limits apply to this feature, see below for more information
  • Created via Android Endpoints, no captcha is required and shadowban rate is minimal
  • Proxy Support with Http, Socks4, Socks4a & Socks5 protocols
  • Proxy Fraud Detection - Checks automatically if proxy is good or not
  • Auto Profile Picture setting
  • Onboarding requests are done on the accounts automatically (gender, interests, ...)
  • Automatic Profile Update with BIO and NSFW tag
  • Custom IMAP Support - You can configure your own IMAP hosts to use with our account creator, or you can ignore this feature and use inbuilt temp-mail service
  • Uses Reddit Suggested Usernames
  • Each Account gets its own proxy, its own unique user agent and fingerprint
  • Web Requests based, no selenium
  • Option to disable email verification
  • Captcha is not required
It is recommended to not use rotating proxies for reddit accounts if you wish to keep the accounts for longer timespan.

Post Creation
  • Currently supporting Image (JPG, PNG, GIF - Uploaded to and Text posts
  • Markdown is fully supported - For formatting text or embedding images
  • Option to automatically add a comment after creating new post
  • Automatic tracking of post status (upvotes, ...)
  • Spintax for text is supported
  • NSFW marking supported
  • Spoiler marking supported
  • Flair Selection
  • Automatic flair selection if subreddit requires it and you didn't specify any
  • Flair selection by priority
  • Post to multiple subreddits at once
  • Option to join subreddit before making a post
  • Schedule your post(s) to exact date and time

Comment Posting
  • Importing of URLS
  • Importing of Comments
  • Spintax support
  • Select accounts that should make the comments or leave blank to use any

Upvoting / Downvoting
  • Supports both posts and comments
  • Supports Queueing of upvotes/downvotes
  • Supports both absolute URL's or only comment/thread id
  • Editable amount or just use maximum
  • Random Delay between votes
  • Editable delays (min - max) between votes
  • Queued Upvoting Tasks are done in parallel if you have sufficent amount of accounts loaded

Subreddit Joiner
  • Join subreddits with as many accounts as you want
  • Threaded or single thread mode
  • Used to grow community of your own

Username Scraper
  • Scraps usernames in a subreddit - automatically walks posts ordered by HOT and if follow is enabled, it will keep scraping from next pages
  • Scrap usernames from post - Scraps usernames only from a post, useful if you want to grab users that commented on your post and send them Direct Message afterwards
  • No Rate Limits applied - unless fresh account

Direct Messages
  • Rate limits apply to this feature, see below for more information
  • Mass Direct Message - Allows you to send messages to specified users from a single account, this is not a spamming feature, as it uses one account to send messages, more like to send a message to users that commented on your posts or to send mass dm to smaller user count.
  • DM Spammer - Allows to send huge amount of messages to your predefined pool of users. Comes with custom thread counts. Fresh accounts made by RS send up to 3-5 messages, aged accounts last much longer (approx 60 messages / day)
  • Body supports links and has full spintax support

DM Spammer additional information
  • Editable amount of threads
  • Editable amount of messages per account to be sent (max is 3 on new accounts before being blocked)
  • Option to create disposable accounts for sending messages (rate limit on account creation applies here as well)
  • Option to also try to inbox Reddit PM's, otherwise sends only chat messages
DM Spammer has messages limit per day based on your membership, it's not about greed, it's about safety, as our other method already got patched due to sending too many messages, so it's better to stay low with sending messages, rather than not sending at all. If you need bigger message cap, please let us know, but there won't be any uncapped possibility.

Custom IMAP
RedditSuite allows you to configure your own settings for imap. You can setup for example IMAP, enter all the info and then when RedditSuite picks an e-mail account from email list and finds that it belongs to, it will use those settings + credentials from email list to connect to that IMAP provider. You can use any provider as long as IMAP access is allowed.

Image Cleaning
RedditSuite automatically cleans every image that is being uploaded, we automatically clean and update EXIF data and change pixel variations by small margin, to avoid MD5 detection of images or EXIF scans.

Memberships / Subscriptions Limits
3 Days Trial Membership
  • Create up to 100 accounts per day
  • Send up to 300 Direct Messages per day

1 Month Membership
  • Create up to 250 accounts per day
  • Send up to 5000 Direct Messages per day

Why the limits? Some of our DM features were already patched by Reddit because of having uncapped messages limits, same applies to account registrations and people abusing trial subscription to make thousands of accounts per day. We don't want our methods used to get patched, that's why limits were applied. You can import how many accounts you want, limits only apply on actual sent messages and on account creating. Other RS features are not limited in any way.

Other features
  • Automatic Startup with Windows
  • Automatic login on all accounts with startup
  • Automatically moves shadowbanned profiles to different directory and does not use them
  • Custom Timeouts
  • Randomized Delays between tasks and requests

Frequently Asked Questions
What device does RedditSuite emulate?

We emulate android devices - we automatically generate fingerprint, random RedditApp version and use a real list of android devices

How can RedditSuite help me or earn me some income?
There is many ways, but there are some common instances:
  • You can run an upvote service
  • You can promote your own profiles and you can also upvote your own profiles
  • You can post content into multiple subreddits automatically - via scheduling
  • You can sell aged accounts created via RS
  • ...

Do I need to provide a captcha solver key?
No, RedditSuite uses mobile api endpoints, which do not require a captcha.
What proxies should I use?

Ideally use a high quality residental proxies, or if you want to spend more, use 4G proxies.

If you wish to use RedditSuite to post and promote profiles, use 1 IP per account (static proxy). If you just want to create accounts to resell later, you can use rotating proxies, as registration is only one request.

How many accounts can I create per minute?

Depends on proxy count / e-mail quality, but we averaged 30~ accounts per minute (without a shadowban).

Can I share license with my team / co-workers?

RedditSuite is hwid and ip locked by default, for different use cases, please let us know.

Are scheduled tasks saved?

Yes, you can schedule your tasks - they will be saved, and if you close RedditSuite later, the tasks will be loaded on next start and will also get processed on startup.

Do I need android device to use this app?

No! RS is a desktop app that just "looks like android phone" to reddit servers, we just simply emulate every request like if it was coming from a legit android phone.

Can I take a peek at documentation before buying?

Yes, why wouldn't you be able to - please, check out the documentation here.

Product Requirements

  • .NET 7 Runtime - Windows 10, Windows 11 or Windows Server 2022
  • High Quality Proxies - Oversatured and known providers may get delayed bans
  • General knowledge about Reddit, we do mimic 1:1 requests, but if you use it incorrectly, you are gonna have bad time
  • Own emails with IMAP access - recommended, not required

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