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All of our released are powered by UNetAuth, licensing software that will maintain all needed stuff for you, regarding updates, messages and others.


We accept multiple payment options, like PayPal and many crypto currencies through CoinPayments. Payments are usually done within few minutes.


UNetAuth will make sure to keep your product always up to date, with version checking, server synchronization and others.


We have our own discord channel with our customers, where you can get help or answers within minutes.


We have our own forums where you can discuss with other users of our products or ask for help with anything related to our products.


Your communication between desktop client and our server is encrypted.

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29.99€/3 days trial

Automated Reddit Bot based on android request emulation with variety of functions.

Using both ESP & Trigger nearly since release, never got hit and updates are done quickly. Never had any issues with support, always got reply within few minutes. Definitely recommend!
- Grow 'HF'
Using Vindicator and Trigger in conjunction has made me an unstoppable player, looking like a legit smurf every game. Updates are constant and only take a few seconds to recive. UniveXNet has great support and listen to everything I suggest A+ to them.
- TTheMan 'Customer'
When you couple the quality of ESP and Trigger, you will be able to pull of nice results, recently UniveX released new ESP which I'm completely satisfied with. Updates come quickly and support is fast to react aswell.
- ESK0 - 'Customer'
One of the best legit hacks out there. You can't go wrong with UniveXNet - Cheap, Reliable and Undetected.
- Akeem 'ePvpers'
I have been using Vindicator for 4 months, never got hit and updates are done quickly. Vindicator is the best thing money can get.
- Beta 'Customer'
Vindicator is the perfect legit hacking cheat. It does have all the features you will need. I can personally 100% recommend this cheat! 10/10
- Roza - 'Customer'
I've been using Vindicator for roughly 2 and a half months now every single time I want to play Counter Strike, and I'm still yet to be banned for using Aim, Glow, and RCS. Recommend this to anyone in the market for a reasonably priced cheat that functions like it's worth $50 monthly.
- mishtavishta 'Customer'
Never had any issues using Vindicator before, I'm now a customer for nearly one year and I don't regret any month buying this product, I recommend it to everyone, it's safe, has unique builds, all you need for legit play.
- Krss 'Customer'
I am not user of any listed products on this website, but I am user of a custom private coded cheat for CS:GO that was made only for me by UniveXNet, was done quickly, updated whenever needed and never banned, recommended.
- deliciouS - 'Customer'

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