External ESP / Wallhack for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

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External ESP / Wallhack - Simple cheat for CSGO that shows enemies on external overlay. This cheat is stream-proof and allows you to show all necessary information about your enemies.

Created by UniveX
Release Date over a year ago
Last Update yesterday

Product Features

  • Undetected since February 2015
  • Fully External, yet nearly as fast as an internal one
  • Detailed settings
  • Does not impact FPS (small impact on older machines)
  • Detection of enemy weapons
  • Colored HP bar based on health status
  • Draws both allies & enemies
  • Cloud Config Based - No GUI, everything is configured via website
  • Option to draw Health, Name, Weapon, Distance,Armor and Traceline
NOTE: Due to patch on 15/05/2015 FarESP was patched by Valve. That means that you won't see players that are not near your visible area or that are not seen by your teammates. You will still see them behind corners or behind walls near to you. For more info feel free to contact us.

DangerZone is fully supported!
Supported anticheats: VAC/MM - Community servers and minor serversided anticheats,

Product Requirements

  • Requires .NET Framework 4.6.1 (Win7+)
  • Requires Administrator Privileges
  • Requires Aero enabled
  • Requires Windowed or Fullscreen windowed game mode
  • Requires valid UNetAuth subscription
  • Requires original copy of CSGO, no cracked versions supported, at all

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